Taiwan Yushan Thistle Tea

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台湾玉山薊养生茶 Taiwan Yushan Thistle Tea 75g
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Taiwan Yushan Health Tea (Taiwan National Treasure Tea) Ingredients: Taiwan Yushan plant, Baihe Lingzhi, Cassia, Longkui. Benefits: repair liver function, nourish the liver, fight cancer, its anti-fertilization function of silymarin is 10 times stronger than Vitamin E, It regenerates liver cells damaged by alcohol or drugs to prevent gallstone formation and biliary liver damage. Improve the survival rate of patients with cirrhosis, Effective treatment of inflammatory liver diseases such as cirrhosis, hepatitis, Usage: with boiled water boiled, chicken soup.

台湾玉山薊养生茶(台湾国宝茶) 成份:台湾玉山蓟, 白鹤灵芝, 决明子, 龙葵. 好处:修复肝功能, 滋养肝脏,抗癌,它的水飞薊素的抗养化功能比维他 E 强 10 倍, 它会再生修复受酒精或药物损害的肝细胞, 防止胆结石形成和胆汁性的肝损伤, 提高肝硬化患者的生存率, 有效治疗炎症性肝病, 如肝硬化, 肝炎, 用法:煮好的沸水直接冲入即可,煮鸡汤.