Pure Wild Eucalyptus Snow Honey

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纯野生椴树雪蜜 Pure Wild Eucalyptus Snow Honey 500g
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Pure Wild Eucalyptus Snow Honey

Eucalyptus is one of the wild dominant species in Changbai Mountain. It is widely distributed in Changbai Mountain in China or in the middle and southern European Alps. It is top quality wild honey. It crystallizes quickly when the temperature is lower than 14 °C, and it shows fine and white oil after crystallization. It has a better taste after crystallization. It is a transparent pale yellow liquid when it is not crystallized. It is between light amber and amber, viscous and transparent, and has a luster of grease. The floral aroma is lighter than other honey species, it has a slightly sour taste, the taste is sweet and palatable, the nutritional value is high, and it is easily absorbed by the stomach.

Ingredients: Forged tree honey has a glucose content of about 40%, fructose content of about 30%, an enzyme value of 12-20, and a variety of vitamins and inorganic salts, organic acid enzymes. Benefits: nourishing stomach, nourishing qi and tonifying kidney, removing saprophytic muscle, anti-inflammatory and sterilizing, it has biotin which promotes human growth and vitality. It can nourish blood, lungs, cough and thirst, promote cell regeneration, increase appetite and relieve pain, etc. Multiple functions. Clear liver and eyesight, detoxification and moistening, have a certain effect on swelling of the whole body and relieving fatigue. Eucalyptus honey has a minty aroma and aromatic oils. It has a calming antibacterial effect and can be widely used for sedation, cough and sleep. Reduces high blood pressure, heart disease, constipation, insomnia, and helps digestion. Eucalyptus honey is also a natural beauty, moisturizing, anti-wrinkle, promoting skin physiological balance.
Usage: 30-40 ° C warm water, or mix with sesame sauce.


椴树是长白山野生的优势树种之一,广泛分布于中国长白山或欧洲中南部阿尔卑斯山脉是 最优质的野生蜜源植物.温度低于 14 ℃时很快结晶,结晶后呈现细腻洁白的油脂状,结晶后口味 更佳,未结晶时为透明浅黄色液体,呈浅琥珀色与琥珀色之间,粘稠透明,有油脂的光泽. 花香味相对于其他蜜种较淡, 会有微酸味,味道甜润适口, 营养价值高, 易被肠胃吸收.

成份:锻树蜜中葡萄糖含量在 40%左右, 果糖含量在 30%左右, 酶值 在 12-20 之间, 还有多种维生 素和无机盐,有机酸酶. 好处: 养胃, 益气补肾, 去腐生肌,消炎杀菌,它有促进人体生长和活力的生物素,比一般蜂蜜更能 补血, 润肺, 止咳消渴, 促进细胞再生,增加食欲和止痛等多种功效. 清肝明目, 解毒润燥, 对全身肿胀, 解除疲劳有一定的功效. 椴树蜜有薄荷的清香味,又含有芳香的子油,具有镇静抗菌作用, 可广泛用于镇静, 止咳及安眠等 减轻高血压, 心脏病, 便秘, 失眠, 帮助消化的功效. 椴树蜜同时也是纯天然的美品, 可润肤, 抗皱, 促进肌肤生理平衡等.
​​​​​​​用法:30-40℃ 温水冲服, 或拌芝麻酱食用.